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How to Prepare for a Showing

There are fewer buyers in the marketplace today yet with an abundant number of properties for sale. Buyers have a lot to choose from, and most feel that they can afford to be picky. With this condition in today’s market, it’s more important than ever to be sure that your home is looking it’s best for showings. The way you prepare for a showing can have an impact on the buyer’s decision to either write an offer or walk away. Here are some things you can do to prepare for that first impression:

  • Take a walk – If possible, leave the home unoccupied for the showing as most buyers feel uneasy looking around when a member of the household is present.
  • Take the pets – While you may adore your dog or cat, the potential buyer may be allergic or turned off by their presence. If you can’t take them, crate them in a removed room.
  • Keep it clean – We know that life happens and it’s not always possible to have your home in perfect showing condition 24/7, but the cleanliness of your home does matter. Next to the price, the cleanliness of the home is a big factor in a buyer’s opinion. If you have children, get them involved – make it a team effort. If you need 24 hours’ notice to prepare, let us know and we’ll note it in the listing so agents are aware.
  • De-clutter  – Make the beds, pick up the toys, file the stacks of mail, etc.
  • Keep it fresh – We recommend a quick spritz of the air and upholstered furniture with a light air/fabric refresher.
  • Turn on the lights – It creates a warm, welcoming feeling for the buyer.
  • Keep it clear – In the winter make sure the driveway is plowed and the sidewalk is shoveled. If you live out of the area, ask us for a name of a service to take care of it for you
  • Go the extra mile – Buyers are looking at dozens of homes before making a decision in today’s market. Set your home apart from the rest – leave a welcoming note, a small plate of treats, a vase of flowers, or another sign of hospitality. Make them feel at home!

With all the shopping that buyers do on the internet before they ever pick what they want to see in person, if you have a showing scheduled it means you’ve made it through the first screening process. Make the most of this opportunity by preparing as best as you can.